Is It Time To Replace Your Heat Pump in Pittsburgh, PA?

Do you use a heat pump to warm and cool your house? At some point, you’ll need to invest in a heat pump replacement. Unfortunately, most homeowners can’t tell when to replace their system until it’s breaks down permanently. Read on to learn whether it’s time for you to replace your heat pump in Pittsburgh, PA.

Running Constantly

If you have a variable-speed heat pump, it’s okay for the system to run constantly, as the manufacturers of these systems designed them to work that way. On the other hand, a single-stage heat pump should always work in cycles unless the outdoor temperatures are extremely cold or hot.

Therefore, if your single-stage heat pump never pauses, even when the temperatures aren’t too high or too low, there may be a concern. Common issues that make a single-stage heat pump run constantly include a wrongly sized system, a clogged air filter, ductwork leaks, refrigerant leaks or dirty components.

Repairs or maintenance can address all the other problems except an undersized heat pump. If you have an undersized heat pump, replace it with a system that accurately matches your home’s heating and cooling loads.

Short-Cycling Heat Pump

Short-cycling is where your heat pump turns on and off more times than it should. A short-cycling heat pump consumes too much energy, breaks down more often and fails to distribute temperatures evenly in your home.

If you notice your heat pump is short-cycling, request a service technician to check whether it’s the right size for your house. Once they confirm you have an oversized system, you should replace it.

Age of the Heat Pump

Heat pumps will serve you efficiently for approximately 10 to 15 years. After this period, your system will potentially run for longer periods, break down more often or consume more energy because its components have become worn out over the years. ENERGY STAR points out that you should get a new heat pump every 10 years.

Understanding when to replace your heat pump allows you to enjoy the benefits of a new system and avoid the frustrations associated with an outdated one. Call Greyfox Heating & Cooling for professional heat pump services whenever you are ready to install a new heat pump in your Pittsburgh, PA, home.

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