Is Your Furnace in Collier, PA, Inefficient?

Furnaces in Collier, PA, become more inefficient the older they get and the more you use them. Here are several signs to look for that indicate it’s time to schedule professional furnace maintenance or repairs:

Cycling On and Off

An inefficient furnace will exhibit short and brief cycling. Furnaces experience short-cycling if they’re too big for the space they heat or if there are problems with the thermostat, ignition or airflow. In addition to reducing heating efficacy, this wasteful cycle raises energy consumption and puts unnecessary strain on the furnace’s parts.

Visible Rust and Corrosion on the Heater

Check the furnace’s exterior for rust and corrosion, focusing on the burner chamber, flue pipe and heat exchanger. Rust can indicate problems like inadequate combustion or high humidity, leading to inefficient furnace performance.

Corroded components also compromise the heater’s efficiency and pose safety risks. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to catching these issues early and ensuring your furnace operates safely and effectively.

Uneven Heating Throughout the Home

Examine the temperature distribution in different rooms to find any signs of uneven heating. Some rooms may be cooler than others because inefficient furnaces can’t consistently heat the entire house. Problems like inadequate insulation, clogged air filters and leaky ductwork can all lead to uneven heating.

Strange Noises

Inefficient furnaces have to use extra energy to function, causing parts to wear out and become loose and resulting in banging, rattling and screeching noises. Not only can these noises be annoying, but they can also indicate serious issues within the furnace. If you ignore them, you greatly increase the risk of the furnace overheating and breaking down.

The best way to fix an inefficient furnace is to schedule regular maintenance. A licensed HVAC service technician can pinpoint the sources of any inefficiencies and apply appropriate fixes. To schedule furnace maintenance to make your home’s heating system more efficient, contact Greyfox Heating & Cooling.

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