Alarming AC Sounds and Smells That Require Repairs

Your air conditioner is a lifesaver when it’s scorching hot in Pittsburgh, PA. When the temperature outside surpasses the 90-degree mark, your AC system kicks into overdrive to cool your house. The added strain can eventually lead to you hearing alarming sounds and smells. If you notice these, you should schedule emergency AC repairs immediately:

AC Sound: Banging

While your air conditioner will hum as it runs and click on and off, you shouldn’t hear other noises coming from the system. Banging is one of the most alarming AC sounds you might experience. Banging often signals a loose or damaged part inside the air conditioner. Not scheduling emergency AC repairs will result in further damage and a complete air conditioning replacement. We’re available 24/7 to repair your banging air conditioner.

AC Sound: Screeching

A high-pitched screeching or squealing noise usually indicates a failing blower motor or worn fan belt. This can lead to reduced airflow and poor cooling performance. Ignoring these AC sounds will quickly cause discomfort and higher energy bills. Schedule an air conditioning repair for your Pittsburgh, PA, home right away to avoid wasting money.

AC Smell: Burning

A distinct burning smell coming from your air conditioner should definitely alarm you. Overheating components, damaged wiring and a failing motor can cause your AC system to emit a burning smell. Ignoring any electrical problems in your air conditioner increases your risk of fire. Turn off your AC system and schedule an emergency repair.

AC Smell: Musty

A musty odor coming from your air conditioner’s supply vents might mean an issue with the system’s condensate drain line or microbial growth in the ductwork. Water can damage your property and microbes can worsen your indoor air quality. Avoid health and safety risks by scheduling an emergency air conditioning repair in Pittsburgh, PA.

Don’t let alarming AC sounds and smells worry you too much. Contact Greyfox Heating & Cooling to schedule prompt and professional AC repairs to restore your system’s full functionality. We’re available 24/7 when you need us the most.

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